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KULTPRIT (\Culprit/) is a lifestyle & fashion brand designed to be a means of self-expression for those who dare to defy convention and rebel for a cause.

The world moves ahead, human society progresses, only because a few people dare to rebel against old ways, to think, act and choose differently. They are the KULTPRITS - without whom we'd be living in a museum of fossils!  

 KULTPRIT is a different way of life. It is a young & progressive lifestyle & fashion brand that dares to challenge status quo, question established norms, ask all kinds of stupid questions, and seek alternatives to existing ways of seeing & doing things.

KULTPRIT blends casual style, quirky fun, young energy and irreverent mischief to shake things up, and make life more interesting & ever changing. Want to join in?

Remember, it starts with the all-important question - Why Not?